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Cialis tadalafil and Mygra sildenafil are very popular drugs of treatment of powerlessness. Actually, these two drugs give now the market of treatment of powerlessness. Huge popularity of these two tablets of powerlessness leaves many men confused, concerning which preparation they should choose. Article discusses common features just as distinctions between these two drugs below. Information will help you to make more reasonable decision.
There are some common features between Cialis and Mygra. Both drugs are approved by FDA as the instruction only tablets of treatment of powerlessness. Besides, the mechanism of action of both, drugs - the same as active components in these two drugs, belongs to the same class of drugs under the name PDE5 inhibitors. In reply to sexual stimulation the effect of these drugs expands smooth blood vessels so that more blood could rush off in the member. As a result the member is filled with the blood giving to you steady installation, sufficient to satisfy the sexual intercourses. As the effect and drugs is similar, precautions and the side effects connected with these two drugs are also the same. You should consult always to the doctor before use of any of these two tablets of powerlessness of the instruction.
Is more than some distinctions between Cialis and Migra also. On the other hand, Migra of sildenafil was the first peroralny preparation of powerlessness which was approved in 1998. Within 5 long years Migra enjoyed full monopoly for the market of treatment of powerlessness. During this period the preparation became a name, known to each family for powerlessness treatment. But even thus that Cialis arrived much later, than Migra, and it offered the same effect, Cialis gave to Migra run for the money.
You can buy Mygra in online pharmacy without problems. The reason of huge popularity of Cialis on Mygra is the fast action and long properties. While Mygra borrows till 60 minutes to come into force, Cialis does you ready to action in a bed approximately in 30 minutes. Besides, while Mygra remains effective within only 4 hours in a body, Cialis remains effective within 36 hours.
Other considerable difference between Cialis and Mygra is in force of a dosage. Mygra is available in much higher forces of a dosage of 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg while Cialis is available in forces of 10 mg and 20 mg. Lower force of a dosage means that intensity of side effects is reduced in Cialis in comparison with Mygra.